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  1. Overview


    Westlake Chemical (NYSE: WLK) makes chemical and plastic products, which in turn make life better for people every day. We are a quality manufacturer and dependable global supplier of petrochemicals, plastics and building products. Our mission is to serve our clients by enhancing daily life through the products and services we provide.

    Our Business Units


    Westlake manufactures two primary petrochemicals within our Olefins business segment - ethylene and styrene monomer. Most of our ethylene production supplies our internal needs in our polyethylene and vinyls businesses.


    Westlake vinyl resin products are the key ingredients to making some of the world's most prevalent items, including residential siding, pipe and fittings for various water, sewer and industrial applications, PVC profiles for windows, doors, fence, and decking along with films for various inflatables, wallcovering, tapes and roofing applications.

    Who We Are

    Westlake Chemical is an international manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals and building products that enhance the daily lives of people around the planet.

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    Our History

    Learn more about the history of Westlake Chemical from 1986 to now.

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    Our Locations

    Learn more about where Westlake Chemical is located around the world.

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    Awards & Recognitions

    Learn more about the awards and recognitions which Westlake Chemical has won over the years.

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